Do you have a dog or cat you need to get "fixed" (spayed or neutered)? If you live in the City of Sacramento and meet our income guidelines, we may be able to help. The City of Sacramento's Animal Care Services has a program to help get pets fixed and vaccinated for a very low cost. Read more below to see if you qualify.

If you think you qualify, click the link below ("Click Here to Apply!") to complete and submit your application. One of our volunteers will email you within a day or two to follow-up. Please be sure to check you spam folder, if you have not heard from us.

If you prefer to apply via phone, you can leave a message on our spay/neuter hot line, 24 hours a day: 916-808-7383 (808-PETE).

Qualifying: Do You Live in the City?

This program is only for people who live in the CITY OF SACRAMENTO (not the County). Some people aren't sure if they live in the City or the County of Sacramento. If you're not sure, please visit the Sacramento County Parcel Viewer to determine your jurisdiction:

- Go to the Sacramento County Assessor's Parcel Viewer website at
- On the right side of the page, enter your address in the blanks and press submit.
- Your parcel will be highlighted and on the right side of the page, it will specify your jurisdiction.  Your jurisdiction MUST be City of Sacramento (unincorporated county, West Sacramento, City of Citrus Heights, City of Elk Grove, etc. are not eligible for our program).
- If you live in a jurisdiction other than the City of Sacramento, please visit the Sacramento Area Animal Coalition at

Qualifying: What's Your Income?

The Community Spay/Neuter Program helps people with lower incomes get their pets spayed and neutered. To qualify customers, we use annual income guidelines published by the government. They depend on how many people live in your household. Whether you call us or apply online, please make sure you are within the annual income guidelines:
If you make more than our income guidelines allow, check out the "Other Spay/Neuter Options" on the right side of this page.